Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Oh my what a wonderful Mother's Day. My own mum came down from Spokane for a short visit. We had a very nice Friday evening, I showed her my new garden and talked about what to do next. I had to work on Saturday, unfortunately. Sunday, we drove down to Mt. Angel and had dinner at the Glockenspiel restaurant. Then we strolled around the Abbey. After that we had planned to go to the Oregon Gardens but the weather was so iffy so we went to Silver Falls St. park instead. We enjoyed a lovely hike around the area. I hadn't been hiking in so long and I do so enjoy hiking :) My mum couldn't stay any longer than the weekend. She headed up to Olympia Monday morning. She will get to stay longer when we (my husband and I) go to Germany this fall. She will come down and take care of the kids. That will be wonderful for my peace of mind.

Gotta go pick up a kid.....

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