Friday, July 11, 2008


I thought I'd take a moment to mention my other obsession, chocolate. Not just any chocolate but the good stuff. One of my favorite places to get the stuff is Cacao in Portland. That shop is wonderful. I have only been a few times but I visit often in my memory. They serve authentic drinking chocolate and "WOW" is it amazing. They also sell chocolate from around the world. My idea of the perfect day would be to sit and sip while knitting some cool sock at Cacao. The only other perfect day would be to sit and sip and knit in beautiful Venice, Italy along the Grande Canal.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I joined Ravelry, "Wahoo!" That place sure is fun. I put some books on my shelf , that is all I've done so far. I needs to fill out all my other stuff like my stash and my WIPs and other things. I've also just learned about 'twitter' and 'plurk' . I've looked at both of them and I'm not real sure how they work just yet. I think I should give them a try. The PDX knitbloggers are all atwitter (hee hee) about these two sites. I am working on an experimental sock project for work. I have almost finished the prototype and then I can get started on the model. I just found out that the socks that I worked so hard on and so fast because of the ad shoot deadline won't even appear in the ad copy. Oh well, it was fun and I got paid.